Erwan Biland homepage

Present situation

Invited Professor of Mathematics at NYU Abu Dhabi, Fall 2013.

Post-doctoral fellow at Sherbrooke University, beginning Jan 2014.

Previous carreer and studies

PhD in Mathematics at Laval University (Quebec City, Canada) and Paris 7 University (Paris, France), 2008-2013.

Tenured instructor in classes préparatoires (undergraduate school for engineers) at Collège Stanislas (Paris, France), 2005-2010.

Substitute instructor in classes préparatoires at various schools (Paris, France), 2004-2005.

How to use this website

Documents from this website may be freely reproduced for academic purposes, as long as the author's name appears clearly on each copy. You may also ask me for latex source files. For any other use, please contact me first.

Please note that the English version of this website is still under construction. You may wish to visit the more complete French version.