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Calculus with Applications (MATH-AD 111)

This page if for NYU Abu Dhabi students who follow Calculus with Applications, Section 2, in the 2013 Fall session.

-  Here is the syllabus.

My office hours: Sama 1310, Tu Th 10:00-12:00.
GAF: John Carges, Kenan Jijakli
Their office hours: DTC SARC, Su 14:30-15-30, Tu 10:00-12:00

-  Exams

-  Quizzes
There are 4 in-class quizzes, 20-minutes long, which take place during recitations.

  • Quiz 1: Su, Sep 15th (on course up to Section 1.6).

  • Quiz 2: Su, Sep 29th (on course up to Sep 25th).

  • Quiz 3: Su, Nov 10th (on course up to Section 5.5).

  • Quiz 4: Su, Sep 24th (on course up to Section 8.2).

-  Homework Assignments
Assignments are questions taken from Stewart's textbook.

-  WebAssign Quizzes
You have to take an online quiz each week before Wednesday 11:59 PM. The quiz is available at least seven days in advance. The first deadline is Sep 11. You received instructions by e-mail to connect to WebAssign.