Erwan Biland homepage


My primary research interests are in the modular representations of finite groups, i.e., representations in positive characteristic. My PhD thesis, supervised by Michel Broué (Paris 7) and Claude Levesque (Laval) deals with Morita and stable equivalences and their local-global properties. I am also interested in category theory, especially when it comes to popularising it for undergraduate students.

Preprints and memoirs

Some invited talks

  • Brauer-friendly modules and slash functors, Brauer's problems - 50 years on, Manchester (UK), Sep 2013.

  • Brauer-friendly modules and gluing, Université de Picardie Jules Vernes, Amiens (France), Jul 2013.

  • Représentations modulaires et structure locale des groupes finis, SAG Seminar, Sherbrooke University (Canada), Mar 2013.

  • Algèbres fortement graduées et théorème de Morita, SAG Seminar, Sherbrooke University (Canada), Sep 2012.

  • Strong fusion control and stable equivalences, Conference on Categorical Methods in Representation Theory, Bristol (UK), Sep 2012.

  • Algèbres fortement graduées et théorème de Morita, Chevalley Seminar, Paris~7 University (France), Jun 2012.

  • Modules with endopermutation source, Green correspondence and Brauer functor, Young Algebraists' Conference 2012 (YAC'12), EPFL, Lausanne (Switzerland), Jun 2012.

  • Extensions de groupes et catégories, ISM Quebec Student Conference, Montreal (Canada), Jun 2012.

  • An application of equivariant Morita theory, Ottawa-Carleton Algebra Seminar (Canada), Feb 2012.

  • From local to global in block theory. Strong fusion control and sheaves of local Morita equivalences, UCLA (California, USA), Feb 2012.

  • Brauer blocks and Morita equivalences, Maine-Québec Number Theory Conference, Orono (Maine, USA), Oct 2011.

  • Group theory via categories of modules, Canadian Undergraduate Mathematical Conference, Quebec City (Canada), Jun 2011.

Workshops, summer schools, etc.

  • Research visits to Raphaël Rouquier in UCLA, Feb 5th-12th and Oct 21st-26th, 2012.

  • Categorical Methods in Representation Theory, University of Bristol, Sep 24th-28th 2012.

  • Young Algebraists' Conference 2012 (YAC'12), EPFL, Lausanne, Jun 11th-15th 2012.

  • Workshop on Category Theoretic Methods in Representation Theory, University of Ottawa / Fields Institute, Oct 14th-16th 2011.

  • Spring School on Flag Varieties, CIRM (Luminy, France), May 2nd-6th 2011.

Popularisation of Mathematics

  • Le langage des catégories II. Espaces vectoriels et matrices, 6 pages, Quadrature 88 (2013).

  • Le langage des catégories I. Un point de vue moderne sur les mathématiques, 7 pages, Quadrature 87 (2013).

  • Organisation of Math à Stan, a conference aimed at classe préparatoire students, with talks given by scholars from various areas of mathematics. Joint with Alain Camanès (Collège Stanislas), Jun 2010.